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Diesel, gas, and solar power!

I have a career position with United Utilities now. I am only taking very small amounts of work for family and friends at this time and there is a waiting list because my time is limited. Thank you for your support. The state of Florida requires me to collect tax on my invoices.


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My Mother’s Father, my Mother’s maternal grandfather and uncle were all top

mechanics. My Father is a nine times ASE certified mechanic retired in SC doing work in his newly built shop as Absolute Automotive. My pediatrician told my Mother when I was 2 that I had a mechanical gift. I began dismantling and building motors when I was four years old in my Father’s garage while he worked. I didn’t like sitting in school much and when I was in high school you could find me skipping class to fix the cars in the parking lot. Fast forward and I’m 30 years old with children of my own. I have worked in several shops locally.. my first job was at Rigsby’s auto salvage as a dismantler. I was a fleet mechanic for a few utility companies. I have experience building custom bikes, fixing four wheelers, golf carts, lifted trucks, diesels, imports, classic and antique cars and boats. I have installed custom train horns and steps and exhaust …the possibilities are endless.

I was a lead solar electrician at two separate companies and I utilize the skills and experience that I gained often. I have many examples to show and have proven that I am competent with electrical issues. Because of my background and passion for automotive I have been working on trucks in my personal shop for the past ten years either part time or full time. I have added skills and knowledge to my abilities and have invested heavily in tools. I have everything to repair, modify, or maintain your baby including, but not limited to, welding. I have many references and happy customers.

a man working on the engine of a truck



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I was 8 then.

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My son.

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With my parents 71 Chevelle in 1995

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