a ford f-150 parked in front of a ford dealership
two men working on the hood of a car
a ford mustang is being loaded onto a flatbed trailer
two people working on a vehicle in a garage
a green garbage truck with a sign that says think green think clean
two white trucks parked next to each other
a maroon truck parked in a wooded area
a white truck parked in a garage
a white truck parked under a tree
a white sports car on a flatbed trailer
a man standing next to a car in a garage
a gray volkswagen golf parked at a gas station
a young boy sitting in the driver's seat of an old car
the trailer is parked on the side of the road
a blue ford super duty parked in the grass
a ford f-150 pickup truck is parked in a driveway
a silver truck with a black grille and bumper
a green utv with large tires

Thanks to Jaiden Doerfler for the gearhead tattoos.

artist jaden doerfler tattoos
Jay’s tattoos and piercings
an old rusty truck is parked in a driveway